We make photo-realistic presentations of 3D product modeling and rendering for industrial design. This service has allowed us to work with a variety of companies in the furniture and decoration sector, manufacturers of construction products and constructions systems, vehicle design, lighting, among others. One of the great advantages of infographics applied to industrial design is that it allows images to be obtained when the product has not yet been built, is in the design phase or is simply still an idea.

Conventional photography involves long assembly processes, adquisition of furniture, decoration, limitations, etc. With the 3D modeling technique, it represents an advantage for several reasons:

  • The scale of the product itself makes photography difficult, either because it is very big or very small.
  • You want to show the object in 3D from all its possible angles.
  • You want to show a section of the object or a diagram of operation and assembly.
  • It is necessary to have total control over the finishes of the product, textures, etc.
  • For integrations of the 3D modeling with the real picture of the space.



Modeling and rendering of kitchen furniture, bathrooms, cabinets, fittings … We create
new images of your product, both individual and integrated in 3D environments for commercialization in catalogs and web pages.



Rendering allow you to have a vision of the product before its manufacture to work on the design or its commercialization.

Render-3d-de producto-coche-modelado


Construction elements

Production of renderings and animations for building products in environments. You can explain its assembly, its smallest elements, its elaboration, etc.

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