Our services of modeling and rendering allow the manufacturer to display their products before they are manufactured. It also allows testing the product while it is still in the design phase to visualize the final work. Prototype production is no longer essential when you have 3D modeling.

The 3D render of design furniture allows you to test or sell, before manufacturing.

Our most recent examples in for different companies:

Modeling and rendering of cabinets and closets integrated into environments for catalogs

3D furniture infographics in realistic scenes allow the buyer to visualize
how that piece will look the space or will inspire them to how include it in the decoracion.

The 3D modeling and rendering of furniture means that it is not necessary to assemble physical scenes to get a good catalog. Thanks to this, you can avoid the search for locations, physical setting, decoration, searching for the right lighting, among others… Which means you will save time and money.

Modeling and rendering of furniture

In addition, we offer the catalog design service, facilitating a more fluid and optimized work, by unifying the creation of the images and the development of the final catalog with just one team. On the other hand, 3D rendering makes it possible to present a wide range of 3D furniture in a short space of time. All this means that the production times of commercial catalogs are considerably reduced, optimizing the final result.

The 3D modeling and rendering of furniture allows us to model the new product in a short period of time and introduce them into 3D decorative settings, creating inspirational scenes (with interior or exterior design) without having to manufacture them in real life. In this way, all the images in the catalog, both the renderings of the furniture and the scenes, can be prepared for the commercialization of the products, even before they are manufactured.

In addition to individual product images or the 3D scenes, 3D hardware renderings, assembly or operational explanations can be performed with animation. Also, schematic 3D renderings explaining the product to complement the catalog.

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